IT jobs in demand 2018

2018 - 25 emerging technologies are to provide huge number of IT  jobs. Watch Video to know more
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Tips to get your dream IT job! 

All you need to know about Resume making, Aptitude skills, Technical skills and Interview prep. 
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 Technologies in demand - 2018

AI, Machine learning, Blockchain, DevOps, Digital marketing, Python and more... Watch video to know more
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Machine Learning - New era 

Machine learning era has just got started and every walk of life is to see it's application soon.  
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 Now marketing = Digital marketing

Thanks to startup boom, digital marketers are highly paid and in high demand. Become a full stack digital marketer. 
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Career options in Digital marketing 

Digital marketing field offers variety of careers for all graduates. Watch video to know more.
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In high demand- Python coders 

India is seeing exponential growth in demand for Python programmers. Freshers get ready.
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DevOps is new IT culture

DevOps is the bringing more efficiency in project delivery using new processes, tools and methods.  
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 Great career opportunities in UI/UX

Thanks to mobile app boom UI/UX professionals are highly paid in IT industry. See if you have flair for this.
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Gaming & Multimedia Career 

AR / VR and MR, Media, Gaming and Movie industry always has high demand for these professionals.  
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